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Nutcracker Ballet
Workshop Recital

Friday, December 15th 2023

St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish

Recital Program


Hot Chocolate Dance

Teacher: Riley LeBeau

Dancers: Juliette, Prim, Lydia, Remie, Margaret, Abbie M, Maureen, Mia, Therese


Chinese Tea Dance

Teacher: Elizabeth Sobczyk

Dancers: Zoey, Lizzie, Maisie, Abbie K, Luna, Lucy Q, Mikaela


Waltz of the Flowers

Teacher: Renee Bielejeski

Dancers: Elena, Lily, Rose, Brooklyn, Bethany, Willa, Cece C, Lucy S, Quinn, Clara

two girls_edited.png

Mother Ginger Polichinelles - Irish Dance Performance

Dancers: Elizabeth Steineke and Gemma Steineke


Dance of the Reed Flutes

Teacher: Laurianne Sortino

Dancers: Gianna Q, Maggie M, Lindsey, Paige, Charlotte, Carolyn, Natalie, Maren, Gemma Rose, Catherine E.

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