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Sharing the Truth in Faith Inspired Arts

Truth, Goodness & Beauty

Welcome to Fiat Productions, where we are passionate about connecting and enriching our community through the production of performing and visual arts that reflect the true, good, and beautiful in Catholic culture. Our mission is to inspire and uplift audiences of all ages with the heart of our faith shared through the arts. From kids to adults, all levels of acting and performers are welcome to join us in our Musical Theater Summer Camps, Summer Acting Camps, Summer Art Camps, Production Workshops, After school classes, and Theatrical Show Performances . Join us in glorifying God through the Arts!

Meet Our Talented Team

At Fiat Productions, we are proud to be a team of passionate professionals dedicated to bringing faith-inspired arts to our community. We believe that art has the power to enrich and transform lives, and we strive to live our faith in every performance. Get to know the talented individuals who bring our productions to life and join us on this journey.

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